With warmer temperatures, we are tempted to open more windows and doors, and to spend more time away from home. In addition to end-of-summer vacations, your trip to the corner store for a frozen coffee drink, a popsicle or gelato could be just the amount of time needed for an opportunist to find easy access into your home. FBI statistics reveal that there is a 10% increase in home burglaries during June, July and August. Here are five simple ways to lessen the chance of a home invasion making you the unlucky one:

  • Close your home’s windows, especially ones on the ground floor, or any second floor window with easy access. If you leave doors open, be sure your security screens are locked. Never leave a sliding patio door partially open overnight.
  • Every time you leave home, even for a short walk, close windows and doors and lock up!
  • Keep your garage door closed. Even when working near the garage (yard work or lawn mowing) be aware that when you step away, even for a short time (bathroom break or a drink of water), you are leaving your home (which usually has access through the garage) and belongings exposed.
  • Close your car windows completely, lock the doors, and keep your keys with you at all times. “Cracked open” windows leave an opportunity to jimmy the locks. A car left running for air conditioning, and unattended, will likely net denial of an insurance claim. And by the way, DO NOT EVER leave children or animals in a closed car, running or not.
  • Take all the precautions to secure your home before leaving on vacation. Having a friend or relative house sit might seem like a luxury, but it could make all the difference in providing that lived-in look that deters criminals. Whether or not that is possible, be sure to check out these security tips.

Enjoy what remains of your summer, knowing you have done all you can to provide yourself and your family security and peace of mind.