Garage doors are a common means of entry to your house, as well as offering a burglar the opportunity to steal automobiles, tools, bicycles, and other property stored in the garage. Keep your garage door closed and locked.

Do not leave your garage door opener in a car parked in your driveway. Burglars often break into cars to get the remote and gain easy access to your home.


Make sure nothing around your walks or driveways offer concealment opportunities for an intruder. Prune back large trees in close proximity to your home, as they can provide access to upper stories. Remove hiding places where burglars can work by trimming large shrubs and trees, especially those near windows and doors. A well-manicured lawn signals potential criminals that someone is at home and cares.


Exterior lighting is extremely important in residential security. Each exterior doorway should be lighted to prevent a burglar from concealing his activities. Yards and areas around windows should be lighted to prevent concealment. Yard lights and entrance lights can be equipped with sensors which will turn the light on at dusk and off at dawn. Motion sensor lighting can also be installed that will activate when a person walks past or some other movement takes place.

To give the appearance that you are at home, use an electric timer to turn lamps on in the evening and off at your normal retirement hour.