Imagine what it feels like to return home from a nice, relaxing trip out of town and find your home has been burned beyond recognition. Suddenly, the hotel stay that seemed so wonderful while on vacation becomes an unwelcome necessity. For one homeowner, their welcome home was made possible because of Alarms Unlimited. While they were gone, a water line began leaking, which sparked a small appliance fire. When the alarm went off at Central Monitoring, we called the home and found the phone line was giving a busy signal. The next series of calls made all the difference, as the Fire Department was dispatched while the homeowners’ designated call recipients were contacted. The Fire Department contained the fire to just one room, all within 29 minutes total from alarm to “all clear.” Without this security measure installed and the quick action that was taken, chances are their home would have been much more heavily damaged. Thanks to all involved, our homeowners were able to sleep in their own home sweet home upon their return. Great job, everyone!