According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports, there are 69 burglaries or property crimes in the San Diego area every day.

As tragic as the losses from these crimes are, the real tragedy is that many of them could have been prevented if the victims had taken steps to protect themselves. The fact is, a comprehensive home security program is the best insurance you can have.

By learning how to secure your property and then taking the necessary steps to “defend your castle,” you not only protect your property but, more important, the ones you love. And the peace-of-mind is priceless.


• The over 2 million burglaries committed in the United States each year account for approximately 18 percent of reported serious crime.

• Two of every three burglaries are committed against homes and families.

• The majority of residential burglaries (60 percent) occur during daylight hours, while non-residential burglaries primarily happen at night.

• Burglary is expensive for its victims. The average loss from burglaries each year is in excess of $3 billion. The average dollar loss per residential burglary is around $1,500.

• About 64 percent of all burglaries involve forcing open a door or window to gain entry.

Protecting vulnerable areas of your home and property by means of physical security devices (“hardening the target”) is an excellent starting point for reducing the likelihood that your home and family will be victimized. Remember the three D’s of burglary prevention: DETER, DENY and DETECT. Read more about the subject in this article