Professionally installed security systems have been shown to be one of the most effective means of deterring criminals. Consider the following:

  • A Temple University study found that a home protected by a security system is 2.2 to 3.1 times less likely to be burglarized.
  • A Rutgers University study concluded that an increase in security system installations was directly responsible for a decrease in crime.
  • A Northeastern University study found that criminals “want to avoid security systems altogether and, upon encountering such devices, abandon all thought of attacking the dwelling.”
  • The International Association of Chiefs of Police passed a Board Resolution stating that “professionally installed and monitored security systems are useful instruments to deter crime and provide peace of mind for residential and business owners.”
  • Insurance companies provide significant discounts on homeowner’s insurance premiums when a professionally monitored home security system is installed. That’s because they know security systems greatly reduce the odds of break-ins and losses.

Security systems provide two primary levels of protection: exterior (perimeter) protection and interior protection. The ideal security system employs a combination of both that is customized for each specific situation.